Global Alcohol Health

The Alcohol Information Statistics on Alcohol and Health (ASAH) is also a vital tool for monitoring and assessing the health situation and trends associated with alcohol ingestion, alcohol-related injury, and policy responses in most states. The harmful use of alcohol leads to the death of 3 million people yearly. There are 230 distinct kinds of ailments where alcohol plays a substantial function. Additionally, it causes injury to the well-being and wellness of individuals around the drinker. In 2018, the global total consumption was equivalent to 6.2 litres of pure alcohol each person 15 decades and older. Unrecorded intake accounts for 26 percent of the global total consumption.

Harmful use of alcohol

3 million people died globally in 2016

Global status report on alcohol and health

Alcohol consumption

57%of adults abstained from alcohol
in the past 12 months, in 2016


National alcohol policy

46% of Member States reported having one
in 2016